Selling Your Home? Check Out These 5 Home Features Buyers Are Looking for in Knoxville Right Now

If you’re like many people selling a home in Knoxville, you know that your house will sell faster (and for more money) if it has all the features that buyers want – and that may mean you need to do a little “home” work. Check out these five home features Knoxville buyers are looking for right now – you and your Knoxville REALTOR® can figure out whether they’re worth spending time on when you prepare your house for sale.

5 Home Features That Can Help You Sell Your House in Knoxville

Knowing what buyers are looking for is half the battle when you’re selling your home (the other half is delivering what they want). Check out these five must-have home features people are rushing to buy in Knoxville:

  1. Energy efficient appliances
  2. Smart thermostats
  3. Modern flooring
  4. Zoom rooms
  5. Relaxing escapes

Here’s a closer look at each.

Must-Have Home Feature #1: Energy Efficient Appliances

Smart buyers know that purchasing an energy efficient home – especially one with energy efficient appliances (such as ENERGY STAR-certified refrigerators and other major equipment) – will save them money over time. In fact, many buyers specifically look for eco-friendly homes, both because they’re cost-effective and because they’re easier on the Earth.

You don’t have to invest in all-new appliances to sell your home, but if you already have them, let your REALTOR know. She’ll be able to highlight them in your home’s listing so buyers know about them ahead of time.

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Must-Have Home Feature #2: Smart Thermostats

Programmable and smart thermostats are “in” right now because they’re ecologically friendlier than their old-school counterparts are. They’re also effective at keeping cash in homeowners’ pockets, because you can use them customize heating and cooling to match your personal schedule (no more forgetting to turn down the thermostat when you go on vacation).

Smart thermostats are generally inexpensive to purchase and install. In fact, you can often install them yourself – so if you’re thinking about adding one to your space, talk to your real estate agent about whether it’s a good investment.

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Must-Have Home Feature #3: Modern Flooring

Carpet, for the most part, is a thing of the past. More people are choosing homes that have modern, easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain flooring, such as hardwood, laminate and tile. Some homes even feature floor heating systems (rather than vented, forced-air heating systems), which many experts recommend for energy efficiency and comfort. Heated floors aside, though, the key is ensuring that your floors are in good condition so buyers can move in without doing any serious work on the house.

Must-Have Home Feature #4: Zoom Rooms

With more people working from home than ever before, there’s a new room in town: The Zoom Room. Zoom Rooms are dedicated spaces for online work meetings. They’re away from busy hubs in the home (like the kitchen and living room), and they’re decorated to create a nice, professional backdrop for greeting colleagues online.

A Zoom Room isn’t a must-have to sell your home, but if you can showcase a space that prospective buyers could use for work (even if it’s a nook you’ve set up with a computer and comfortable chair), it may help you sell faster and at a higher profit.

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Must-Have Home Feature #5: Relaxing Escapes

People are feeling “stuck” at home – and that’s leading many to look for new homes for sale in Knoxville. When you’re selling your house, it’s imperative that you showcase at least one relaxing, calming and soothing space that feels like an escape from the everyday. That could be your bedroom, your outdoor living space or even a room you’ve turned into a library, media room or den.

Are You Selling a Home in Knoxville?

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