The Best Neighborhoods in Knoxville

If you’re like many people, you’re wondering about the best neighborhoods in Knoxville. Where are they, how long would your commute to work be, and what kinds of amenities can you expect?

The Best Neighborhoods in Knoxville

Here’s the bottom line: Your definition of the best neighborhoods in Knoxville probably doesn’t match ours exactly – we all have different preferences – but we can tell you that some of the most beautiful, exceptionally designed, and most luxurious communities in the state are located right here in the city. Check out this list of the most notable neighborhoods in Knoxville to get started:

Here’s a quick look at each.

Downtown and The Old City

When you’re looking for historic homes, ultra-modern condos and all the busy charm of city life, Downtown Knoxville and The Old City neighborhood are the places to see. There are restaurants, shops, cafes and a thriving nightlife in this highly sought-after community. If you’re a “city person,” you may feel that the downtown area is the best neighborhood in Knoxville.


If historic homes are your thing, you’ll fall in love with Fairmont-Emoriland. This community has gorgeous houses dating back to the 1920s beneath tall, mature trees. Located just north of 4th and Gill and south of Fountain City, this may be the best neighborhood in Knoxville for you.

Forest Heights

Forest Heights in West Knoxville is truly spectacular – and the oldest parts of the community have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Forest Hills Boulevard Historic District.

Fourth and Gill

Fourth and Gill is a historic neighborhood just north of Knoxville’s downtown area, and it’s teeming with Victorian-era houses. Hundreds of buildings in the neighborhood are on the National Register of Historic places here, too, as the Fourth and Gill Historic District.

Island Home Park

Island Home Park may be the best neighborhood in Knoxville for your needs if you’re looking for riverfront living, gorgeous tree-lined streets and a home built exactly to your specifications. This neighborhood was once part of a farm established by a local philanthropist and business man in the 1870s, and it now borders the Tennessee River, the Tennessee School for the Deaf and Island Home Avenue.

Lake Forest

Historic homes abound in Lake Forest, which is part of the Dogwood Trail as part of the Dogwood Arts Festival.

North Hills

North Hills was established in 1927, and there are a number of fabulous homes for sale in this area. This neighborhood’s background is very interesting. In the 1920s, as more people purchased brand-new automobiles, they began to migrate out of the city and into vehicle-oriented neighborhoods with wide, quiet streets. A trio of brothers – George, Hugh and Carl Fieldan – established North Hills to be one of those neighborhoods. The brothers wanted the community to remain exclusive, so they set a minimum limit on the number of bedrooms a home could have (it was six); they also set a minimum home construction cost of $5,000 (which, in 1928, was quite a sum). They even specified what types of exterior materials could be used on the homes – sort-of like an early HOA.

Oakwood-Lincoln Park

Oakwood-Lincoln Park may be the best neighborhood in Knoxville for you. This area has a number of historic homes, and the Lincoln Park United Methodist Church is located here – it’s one of the most famed buildings in the area.

Sequoyah Hills

Home to some of Knoxville’s most affluent residents, Sequoyah Hills is a sprawling neighborhood that served as one of the city’s very first suburbs. Today, the homes here range from spacious four-bedroom homes on a quarter-acre of land to sprawling mansions with riverfront views.

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